1. Twenty-Three

From the recording Where the Pavement grows

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Words and music by Kimm Rogers

Holy mother full of grace
Counting lines upon my face
With my fingers I can trace
Everything that’s taken place

I remember all those guys
With Valvoline hair and Texaco eyes
Into whistles lips would part
Who cares if I’m dumb or smart

Eyes that used to swallow me now
Pass me by like they don’t see
I’m better than I used to be
Back when I was twenty-three

Skinny girls in magazines
Shining bright and white and clean
By next week will be replaced
By a younger, fresher face

Suck it up and tuck it in
Age defy this age old skin
As if there was nothing more
Than the girl I was before

(Chorus repeats)

Hey mama tell me why
All these years I should deny
Everything that I have learned
Every way that I’ve been burned

Now it’s the hands of time all over me
Wishing they would set me free
I don’t know how to act my age
But let me tell you something’s changed . . .

(Chorus repeats)

© 2014 Kimbocats Music / BMI