1. Rain

From the recording Where the Pavement grows

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Words and music by Kimm Rogers

Our love is like a storm cloud
That hangs over the sea of our hearts
Our love is like a ship in the night
On a course we did not chart

It came in like a lion
It poured out like a waterfall
Like rain on us all

You can run from my love
But you know it always catches up with you
Go on ahead, run from yourself
‘Cause the fact remains, you are you

So go on ahead, roar like the thunder
That gives way for all God’s tears to fall
Like rain on us all
Like rain on us

Just like the rain . . .
That rains on us all

Our love’s expectations
Have changed my thoughts of what is wrong and what is right
And our love’s contemplation has robbed me of my sleep
For endless nights

But if I water you with kisses
Do you think our love with grow up big and tall
And reign on us all.........

© 2014 Oil Bird Music / BMI Universal Songs of Polygram International BMI